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Art has much potential to change lives. For many artists and therapists working with abused children, they have discovered that art has the power to heal in wonderful ways.
With strong conviction in the exceptional power of art in healing in transformation, Bantay Bata 163 initiated the Arts for Healing project. Its primary goal is to craft a long term art education program for the healing and rehabilitation of abused children that responds to their needs for a creative education, therapy and workshops.

As part of a public lecture series on child rights, an Arts for Healing lecture-workshop with international consultants is scheduled to take place at the Philippine Children”s Medical Center and Studio 1 of ABS-CBN in Quezon City from February 24 to 25, 2003. Scheduled topics include “Group Art Therapy Model,” “Creative Art Therapy Workshop: the Indian Model,” and “Once upon a time… Storytelling (the Power of Story and Playspace to Assist Abused Children).” This project, made possible with the generous support of the Japan Foundation, is a pioneering effort in the Philippines as well as in Asia.

The Arts for Healing project is based on the pedagogy developed by Rudolf Steiner who believes in a holistic development of the child in consonance with the stages of Early Childhood. For inquiries, please call Sarah Lausa at 374-5550 or 4156627. The workshop sessions will be a unique opportunity to listen to pioneers in the field, including MAYU P.B. GONZALES, M.D, DR. ASHOK SHAH and CHRISTINE DION CIONA.

MAYU GONZALES, is Director of Mental Health Services of the New York Foundling Hospital and Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at New York Medical College. She is an attending staff at the Department of Psychiatry and a preceptor at the Department of Pediatrics of St. Vincent”s Hospital and Catholic Medical Center.

Dr. Gonzales’ lecture-workshop of Group Art Therapy Model will focus on the use of the creative arts in group psychotherapy and various group art therapy models for children and adolescents in out-of-home placement. A psycheducational model for helping stressed children cope through art will be elaborated upon and an adaptation of this curriculum to Filipino youth will be discussed and developed with participation of the audience.

DR. ASHOK SHAH is a practicing art therapist, a senior artist, concept originator of Indian Art Therapy and initiator of Indian Art Therapy movement since 1971. He is a Credential Professional member of American Art Therapy Association since 1986.

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UK: Art and conflict – 2-day course with Marian Liebmann


Art and Conflict
Tutor: Marian Leibmann BA MA PGCE CQSW RATh

Two day course from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm on Thursday and Friday
24/25 April 2003
Fee £80.00

Art & Conflict Flyer in Word .doc format (30MB)

Conflict is an emotive subject – this course is about finding new ways to look at it. There will be a variety of practical art exercises – individual, pairs and group – to gain insights into different aspects of conflict All art materials are provided. Please wear old clothes! For an enrolment form or further details please contact

Sarah White 0117 928 7166
or E-mail:
Graduate School of Education, 8-10 Berkeley Square, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1HH


A career in Art Therapy?

This section includes details of the work which Art Therapists undertake, the qualifications they need, State Registration requirements, employment opportunities and membership of BAAT.

What is an Art Therapist?
State Registered Art Therapists are trained in the psychology of mark making and symbolism, in non-verbal communication, psychotherapeutic understanding of child development and family dynamics, and the importance of boundaries. They recognise that image making is an extremely potent activity and aim to use their visual and psychotherapeutic literacy to enable change with those with whom they work. The ways in which they do this vary according to the client/patient group or individual, the context, and the therapist. There is, however, always an emphasis on creativity and the therapeutic relationship.

Historical Information
In the late 1940s Art Therapists began to be employed in the NHS, as for many years previously Psychiatrists and Psychoanalysts had found drawings and paintings to be a valuable contribution to the therapeutic process. Between the 1940s and 1960s, many interested artists and art teachers offered their services to hospitals and clinics. Sometimes they encountered a Consultant Psychiatrist or a Medical Superintendent who was enthusiastic about the value of art in treatment; they were then taken onto the staff and paid under whatever establishment was available.
The profession of Art Therapy has developed considerably from this informal beginnin, and now several universities offer training in Art Psychotherapy at post graduate level. The courses are two years full time and three years part time. During training students are required to undertake personal therapy.

In June 1980 the DHSS recognised that no one can be employed as an Art Therapist without having graduated from a recognised course related to the therapeutic application of their skills. In 1990 the National Joint Council for Social Services also recognised the qualification.

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Stern’s Books – Expressive Arts


Expressive Arts Special
Dynamically Oriented Art Therapy: Its Principles and Practice, 1987, Naumburg, Margaret
Was $36.95 – Now $22.95

Grief and the Healing Arts: Creativity as Therapy 1999, Bertman, Sandra
Price: 42.95

Light from the Darkness: The Paintings of Peter Birkhauser 1991, Birkhauser, Peter
Price: 35.95

Sandplay Therapy: A Step-By-Step Manual for Psychotherapists of Diverse Orientations 2000, Boik, Barbara Labovitz & Goodwin, E. Anna
Price: 35.00

Collage Techniques: A Guide for Artists and Illustrators 1994, Brommer, Gerald
Price: 27.50

A Guide to Family-Centered Circle Drawings 1990, Burns, Robert C
Price: 38.95

Creative Journal: The Art of Finding Yourself 2001, Cappacchione, Lucia
Price: 12.95

Creative Journal for Children 2001, Cappacchione, Lucia
Price: 19.95

Creative Journal for Teens 2001, Cappacchione, Lucia
Price: 14.99

Managing Traumatic Stress Through Art: Drawing from the Center 1995, Cohen, Barry & Barnes, Mary-Michola, et al
Price: 22.95



Store Address:
2004 West Roscoe St.
Chicago, IL 60618
Tel: 773-883-5100

Store Hours:
10:00am – 6:00pm Tuesday through Friday
10:00am – 4:00pm Saturday
Closed Sunday and Monday


Online Supervision

…with Barbara Ann Levy, MFA, MPS, ATR-BC will start on MARCH 15-23rd, 2003. Hours can be used toward the ATR. Required weekly chats are held on Tuesday nights from 7-8pm and there will be an online bulletin board for group members to post relevant questions and concerns. I will also create an image page so that group members can post client artwork. Interested prospective participants should e-mail Barbara Ann Levy for details. Group is limited to 4. You should have access to the internet, as well as facility with graphics software to post scanned artwork. If necessary you may get scans of artwork made locally overnight, and a CD-Rom of client artwork to post.

All will be held in a password protected area

Cost of online supervision is 200.00.


Society for the Arts in Healthcare – Research – Bibliography

Arts in Healthcare Bibliography

Below are references for books and articles that Society for the Arts in Healthcare members have found useful in their work. If you have written or found others that you believe would be helpful to those with an interest in arts in healthcare, please email the citations to Judy Rollins,

References are listed under the following categories, with some being listed in more than one:



Program found here

It is not a coincidence that the first Nordic Music Therapy Conference in the new
millennium is to be held in Bergen,Norway. Music therapists in the region have
experienced exciting developments in their work, both theoretical and practical
working experiences. For these reasons we feel it is time to come together and
exchange ideas and share experiences. It is important for us to learn about what
is happening in other Nordic countries and the Baltic nations. We are, therefore
proud to be able to invite music therapists and other interested parties to the
first Nordic Music TherapyConference in the new millennium.

By the year 2003 it will have been 6 years since the last conference in Finland.
This is an important event to promote co-operation between the Nordic and Baltic
nations and one we hope you will find worth attending. The theme for this
conference will be:

“Active and Receptive Music Therapy”

Our program committee is working to provide international lecturers for the
event. The conference will also open for a large number of presentations,
workshops, debates and social events.

The conference will be held at Fana Folkehøgskole, 20 km south of Bergen, in a
beautiful area near Fana fjord.

Bergen is an exciting university- and cultural city, with a history dating back to
the days of the Vikings. Bergen has always been a trading centre for European
shipping and therefore has been greatly influenced by other cultures. During the
scheduled conference Bergen will be conducting it’s annual “Festspillene” with a
variety of concerts and performances featuring music, dance, drama, literature
and more. “Natt Jazz”, jazz concerts performed by Nordic and international
artists, is another part of the festival that is worth attending. For those of you
who wish to spend some extra time in Bergen, this is a great opportunity for a
cultural experience out of the ordinary.

Don’t miss out on The 4th Nordic Music Therapy Conference, and the chance to
experience Bergen and western Norway in May 2003. We can guarantee an
interesting and beautiful experience!

Call for papers will be sent in May/June 2002 with a deadline in the middle of
October 2002. Send mail to