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It is not a coincidence that the first Nordic Music Therapy Conference in the new
millennium is to be held in Bergen,Norway. Music therapists in the region have
experienced exciting developments in their work, both theoretical and practical
working experiences. For these reasons we feel it is time to come together and
exchange ideas and share experiences. It is important for us to learn about what
is happening in other Nordic countries and the Baltic nations. We are, therefore
proud to be able to invite music therapists and other interested parties to the
first Nordic Music TherapyConference in the new millennium.

By the year 2003 it will have been 6 years since the last conference in Finland.
This is an important event to promote co-operation between the Nordic and Baltic
nations and one we hope you will find worth attending. The theme for this
conference will be:

“Active and Receptive Music Therapy”

Our program committee is working to provide international lecturers for the
event. The conference will also open for a large number of presentations,
workshops, debates and social events.

The conference will be held at Fana Folkehøgskole, 20 km south of Bergen, in a
beautiful area near Fana fjord.

Bergen is an exciting university- and cultural city, with a history dating back to
the days of the Vikings. Bergen has always been a trading centre for European
shipping and therefore has been greatly influenced by other cultures. During the
scheduled conference Bergen will be conducting it’s annual “Festspillene” with a
variety of concerts and performances featuring music, dance, drama, literature
and more. “Natt Jazz”, jazz concerts performed by Nordic and international
artists, is another part of the festival that is worth attending. For those of you
who wish to spend some extra time in Bergen, this is a great opportunity for a
cultural experience out of the ordinary.

Don’t miss out on The 4th Nordic Music Therapy Conference, and the chance to
experience Bergen and western Norway in May 2003. We can guarantee an
interesting and beautiful experience!

Call for papers will be sent in May/June 2002 with a deadline in the middle of
October 2002. Send mail to mterapi@musikkterapi.no

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