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Art Therapy | Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture


Art Therapy

The Medical Foundation offers art therapy to children and adults. In addition, it also has an Open Studio where adult clients can express thesmelves artistically outside of the therapeutic process. All three aspects of our work are detailed below.

Working with Children

The following is an extract from Art Therapy in Schools: Working with Children who have Experienced Political Violence and Torture; A Booklet for Teachers by MF therapists Debra Kalmanowitz (MA, RATh Arts Therapist) and Sheila Kasabova (MA Counselling Aspects in Teaching and Learning), who work with the Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Team.

The booklet, the product of a three-year project run by the MF in six primary schools and a secondary school in north London, helping children between the ages of eight and fourteen, was devised to inform teachers and other educational workers how art therapy works, and introduce them to the realities of torture and violence. To download the full document in PDF form, click here. 

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Art Therapy | Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture