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Christine at the head of the “table”

A large group attending an experiential art therapy workshop.
“Journéees de la culture 2004” with the participation of the AATQ.

Amy leading Drama TX group

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Amy leading Drama TX group
Amy leading Drama TX group,
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Christine & Sonja

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The power point presentation!!!
The power point presentation!!!,
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Going over the power point presentation for the journées de la culture workshop 3

CAT panel discussion Journées de la culture 2004

Panel discussion
Panel discussion,
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Large group discussing the creative arts therapies with professionals of the various therapeutic modalities.

Journées de la Culture 2004

AATQ presents during « les Journées de la culture 2004 »

These two days are an initiative of our VP Francine Lévesque. She was instrumental with Amy Thomas, Sonja Boodajee and a team of committed facilitators in putting together 2 days of workshops and a panel to inform the general public. The endeavour was a great success and hopes to become an annual event—most probably an aspect of our public relation strategy. The following text is Francine’s on the spot report. The text is a collated version of two emails sent to the AATQ-egroup. They are slightly modified to fit this print based format.

Saturday Sept. 25th

Hi all,
Today was a great success. 18 participants at the panel discussion, and 18 for the Drama tx workshop. 7 other people also came, 4 watched the tx videos and 3 got information, with a possibility of returning tomorrow. That’s around 40 people, counting the ones who stuck around for both events.—not bad I would say.

Participants were a mix of backgrounds from education, massage therapy, and students from the various arts. Curious others (potential clients) were also present.

Thanks to Sonja Boodajee (right)–my right hand person, Nisha Sajnani, Amy Thomas (above), Stephen & Shelley Snow, Allen Gonzales and Gurney Bolster for a most edu-taining day. And Sheila Ostroff, thank you for the videos to which I added Judy Weiser’s phototherapy video. They were most useful when people were waiting or came much to late and couldn’t join the workshop or panel in progress.

Thanks also go to Leigh Bulmer (right) who was in charge of collating the print base material we used for all to take home a little bit of who we are, what we can do and what these two days were all about. She managed incredibly well given the late mandate that was dropped on her given her numerous other involvements. Proof to the saying choose a busy person if you want something done in an efficient manner. Thank you.

Tomorrow is a workshop day drama-art and art therapy. Drop in its great networking and such a positive experience.

Sunday Sept. 26, 2004
Hi everyone,
Our second day was another great day with more than 50 people who dropped in.

There were 18 (again this number) participants for Christine’s workshop and 22 for Kathleen’s. All enjoyed the exhibit and some stuck around for the videos and/or perused the various AT books I had brought, which were quite popular.

Participants today ran the gamut with some surprising backgrounds:
ü engineer
ü fashion designer
ü artistic director
ü Info agent
ü scientist
ü office clerc
ü brigadier
ü producer
ü accountant
ü retirees & homemakers
ü many teachers
ü many students
All in all, close to 100 people came to see us, many clearer on the difference between an art therapist, a psychologist using art and an artist doing therapeutic work. Some interested in pursuing therapeutic work with one of our professionals. Many many enthusiastic about our “important professions”. An interview was also requested.

Thanks go to Christine Doyle and Kathleen Olivier who did a fabulous job with the larger than expected groups, and to Sonja who supported all aspects of this project with the highest commitment. I couldn’t have done this without her. Kathleen was a whiz at close to simultaneous translation, I was impressed. And Christine’s skill in getting the group involved was a beautiful sight to see. Her exhibited works added the power of visuals to tell our therapeutic story. I am very proud of the quality that was delivered and the hard work our presenters put into this. According to the smiles and numerous questions and lingering participants after each session, I believe we met our goal: the one of lighting a fire for continued interest. Great stuff.

Francine Lévesque MA, DPA., ATPQ
Vice president AATQ, Principal Coordinator « Journées de la Culture 2004 »