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Body Image work in Art therapy

KarenPolin (art therapist) works with a client experiencing body image distortion often seen in anorexia and bulimia. The 2 minute video session is telling.

A more elaborate presentation of their global programe address the various dimensions of body image obsession.

A number of books on eating disorders and art therapy can be found here.

Internet art therapy research

Kate Collie who is a researcher in art therapy presents an internet application of art therapy in some detail. It is wonderful that my colleagues are now using video to demonstrate what they do.

Kate Collie, PhD, MFA, ATR, is an artist, art therapist, researcher, and professional workshop facilitator. Her research interests include the use of the arts in healthcare, innovative approaches to expanding access to behavioural healthcare (including internet art therapy), and psychosocial dimensions of medical illness, especially breast cancer. After completing an interdisciplinary PhD at the Institute of Health Promotion Research at the University of British Columbia, Dr. Collie was a postdoctoral research fellow and then a research associate at the Center for Stress and Health in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University.

Biography borrowed from Behavioral Telehealth & Research

Animated textile arts

With technology these days you can give a voice to visual imagery by animating what was once static. This is a Bayeux Tapestry depicting a part of French history. There would be much to say on interpretation but that would ruin the fun.

Finding past Internet art therapy sites-

For a number of reasons I have chosen to no longer update my blogs on BLOG-CITY. Instead I am concentrating everything here on the ARTS IN HEALTH (this blog).However given the amount of very valid aggregated information stored there over the years, I am providing links to what is archived permanently through the Wayback Machine , a search engine that gives you access to what has technically disappeared over the years on the Internet.

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