Perhaps the DEPRESSION additon to the blog was a direct consequence of having spend way too much time trying to fix the visual error you find in todays entries. For some reason, I cannot edit the entry. And for some reason half of the AiTiA archives have vanished in cyperspace… do not touch your dial… you are not hallucinating. They’ve dissapeared.

Google has recently bought PyraLabs the original owners of Blogger. In the transition lots of funny things happen when they start upgrading and tweaking the mysterious contraptions that keep us visually going. Sometimes the upgrading results in downgrading, degrading and even vanishings…….where info was info is nowhere to be found. So is the case for half the archives, which I want back!!!

Guys and Girls of Googler, bloggle, gooblog or whatever you’ve chosen to baptise yourself, can you make my archives reappear, please. I’d appreciate it. And while your at it, delete the visual atrocity in todays (March 10th) entries.

Thank you

Frustrated Francine

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