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AATA 2007 conference

The Art of connecting from local to global.

AATA’s 38th annual conference

November 14-18, 2007 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA



The conference is organized into seven subject tracks designed to help participants quickly find areas of interest and make the most of the conference. Please mix and match and attend the presentations that best fit your needs.

CA Clinical Approaches
Expand your knowledge of art therapy with children, adolescents, adults, families, and the elderly in psychiatric, medical, and a variety of other group and individual settings. Learn about therapeutic best practices, case studies, and art therapy techniques and methods.

CT Current Trends
Discover the contemporary issues that professionals in the forefront of the field are investigating. Topics include technology, credentialing, ethics, activism, and more.

TA Theory and Assessment
Examine the most recent theoretical thinking in the field. Study art therapy assessments, current research and theoretical models taught by experienced researchers and pioneers of art therapy.

SC Studio and Community
Focus on programs with an art studio-based approach. Artist-centered art therapy practice and community outreach programs designed to improve our collective well being are featured.

ES Education and Supervision
Explore updates in art therapy training and education. Focus on the latest teaching methods, supervision techniques, and educational developments.

MC Multiculturalism
Celebrate the many ways art therapy heals diverse peoples. Increase multicultural competency by learning about cross-cultural relationships, programs and practices.

RE Research & Evaluation
Focus on the theory and practice of clinical evaluation, the use of standardized assessments, systematic case studies, outcome studies, and all forms of inquiry, using or exploring various research methodologies.

The conference has two themes in addition to seven tracks. Theme-specific sessions are color-coded throughout the program:  Creativity and Loss and Art and Technology 

Workshops and master classes


What is different about working with difference?


ARC Conference

ARC CONFERENCE ‘What is different about working with difference?’ 27 April 2007 10am – 4pm

Venue: Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London (opposite Euston Station)

The Art Therapy Race and Culture sub group of the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) is holding a conference that aims to:

* Promote and foster inclusion within the art therapy profession.

* Explore different theoretical approaches for working with difference. Keynote speakers from diverse theoretical and cultural backgrounds will address how their particular theoretical approach makes a difference in working with difference.

Keynote speakers include: Camila Batmanghelidjh and Professor Di Waller Workshop leaders include: Marian Liebmann, Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq and Deirdre McConnell Through this conference we plan to

* Develop a theoretical and practical toolbox of approaches which art therapists will be able to use in their work settings.

* Influence the ways in which art therapy and equalities are addressed and taught in art therapy training institutions.

* Have a positive impact on practice and the development of the profession.

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Home Is Where the Art Is – Mental Health – MSN Health & Fitness


Home Is Where the Art Is

A healthy way to work through trauma.


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The film opens with a tight close-up of a freckle-faced girl in studious wire-rimmed glasses. She’s holding the microphone like an old pro and delivering her intro with the punchy timing of a seasoned war correspondent. “Hi. My name is Kalypso. I’m a ten-year-old girl who just happens to live in New Orleans.”

Kalypso Homan, now 11, is a Hurricane Katrina survivor and a budding filmmaker who made a video about the 2005 hurricane. The 12-minute video diary called “Kalypso’s New Orleans” has been viewed more than 4,400 times on and has garnered Homan invitations to screenings and events all over New Orleans. But fame and recognition wasn’t really her motivation. “It’s good to put an opinion out there,” says Homan. “It was six months after Katrina and we weren’t getting very much help, so I made a movie about why we needed help and what’s so special about New Orleans.”

Whether she knew it or not, Homan channeled her feelings into a form of creative expression known as art therapy. It’s a healthy way to work through trauma. And now, at Katrina’s one-year anniversary, people may want to pick up their paintbrushes. “At an anniversary, stress reactions come back,” says Cathy Malchiodi, a licensed art therapist and a director with the American Art Therapy Association. “It’s really important, especially for the children, to have some kind of outlet to express what’s going on and to remember it.”

Art therapy uses creativity to explore suppressed or painful feelings and to improve well-being. Engaging in creative projects, such as drawing, painting, and even movie making, can help people to communicate emotions that are difficult to verbalize. “When you talk about trauma, you’re only accessing those verbal memories,” says Malchiodi. “But when you start to do something sensory like art, you touch the part of the brain that’s been traumatized. Different things emerge in a child’s story when they’re doing art. Art is a safety valve in this way.”  Continued…

Source: Home Is Where the Art Is – Mental Health – MSN Health & Fitness

Arts & Health Symposium BC, Canada


June 8 – 10, 2006
Pre-conference Workshops: Thursday, June 8, 2006

Artists Alive! Gala Performance Saturday Evening, June 10 @ 8pm

Downtown Historic Nelson, BC

Venues include Capital Theatre, Hume Hotel, Kootenay School of the Arts at Selkirk College, and Kutenai Art Therapy Institute

Bringing together representatives from arts and health fields to share information about existing research and collaborative models.

It is becoming widely accepted that arts and culture can make significant contributions to the health of the individual and the community.

Research has shown that the inclusion of the arts reduces the cost to health care.

The symposium will include keynote speakers, panels, presentations and experiential workshops focused on the development of arts initiatives in the health field geared towards small towns and rural communities.

Topics will cover current research, models and practical applications, which can be used with individuals from childhood through senior years.

Hosted by

in partnership with
Nelson First Health Co-op &

and with support from

Keynote Speakers include:

  • Dr. Gabor Mate, M.D.

    Bestselling author of “When the Body Says No”, and
    “Scattered Minds”, speaks on the Relationship between the Mind and the Body with regards to illness and emotional health and the importance of creative self-expression.

  • Dr. Arthur Frank

    Author of “Renewal of Generosity: Illness, Medicine and How to
    Live”, and professor of Sociology at the University of Calgary speaks on Lifting Desperate Hearts: Five Dramas of Illness.

  • Dr. Janis Timm-Bottos, PhD, PT, LPAT, ATR-BC

    Pediatric physical therapist, licensed art therapist, and founder and executive director of OFFCenter Community arts Project, a non-profit arts organization in Albuquerque, New Mexico speaks on Constructing Creative Communities: Art, History and Science of Community Art Therapy.

More information here:

Creative Arts Therapy Week –March 17-30

Creative Arts Therapies Week

2006 Calendar (March 17-30)

See full details on the AATQ web site.

Centre Temenos Calendrier Activités Mars 2006

Centre Psychothérapies par les arts, l’imaginaire et le corps
Tel : 525-6868


  • Équinoxe de Printemps

* Équinoxe de Printemps

Le Centre TEMENOS et les Productions Sophia ont la joie de vous convier à la célébration de l’équinoxe du Printemps. Dans le cadre des RITUELS SAISONNIERS, Danielle Bissonnette vous convie à une soirée de conte le Samedi 18 Mars 2006 à 19 h au 4855 rue Boyer à Montréal pour Toutes Fourrures.

Après les étapes mortelles de l’automne et de l’hiver, le printemps inaugure un renouveau salvateur. La mort n’était qu’apparente et la vie, toujours présente, couvait dans le secret. Mais cette remontée n’est pas instantanée, le retour de la belle saison apparaît de façon irrégulière, avec des poussées en avant et des retours en arrière continuels.

Toutes Fourrures, Peau d’Âne dans la version de Perrault, illustre bien ces successions difficiles et souvent décourageantes de montées et de descentes jusqu’à ce que la renaissance soit définitivement installée.

Toutes Fourrures s’enfuit du royaume de son père, apportant trois robes: couleur du soleil, de la lune et des étoiles. Elle devient servante chez un roi. Lors d’un premier bal, elle revêt sa robe d’or, danse avec lui puis s’enfuit. Au deuxième bal, sa robe de lune puis retourne se cacher. Au troisième bal, le roi la reconnaît. Ils se marient.

Les hauts et les bas avant la guérison et l’installation d’un nouvel ordre.

Lieu : 4855 rue Boyer à Montréal
Entrée : 10 $

Informations : Danielle Bissonnette
795, rue Saint-Jacques
Vieux Longueuil (Québec)
J4H 3C8
tel: 450-442-7024

* Journée Portes Ouvertes

Le Centre TEMENOS vous convie à la journée Portes Ouvertes le Dimanche 19 Mars 2006 à l’occasion de la semaine Internationale des Thérapies par les Arts.

« L’éveil du printemps en nous »
Un atelier exploratoire et expérientiel par l’art, l’imaginaire et le corps au cours duquel vous rencontrerez l’équipe de TEMENOS.

Le Dimanche 19 mars 2006 De 13 heures à 16 heures.
Lieu : À Montréal, 4855 rue Boyer, local 235, 1er étage.
Personne ressource : Fiona Petersen – 845-7441.

Informations : 525-6868

La magie des Masques

De tout temps, les masques ont été utilisés pour communiquer des messages existentiels et favoriser les passages de la vie. Chaque masque révèle les peurs, les désirs, les forces et les réalités inconscientes de son créateur. Dès lors, la fabrication d’un masque constitue une occasion extraordinaire d’explorer son univers intime et d’apprivoiser ses zones d’ombre et de lumière. Le port du masque et le jeu permettent d’aller à la rencontre d’un personnage intérieur, de l’habiter et de le laisser exprimer ce qui a besoin d’être libéré. La visualisation, le jeu et le mouvement font partie de cette merveilleuse aventure à la rencontre de soi. Idéal pour marquer une transition ou un nouveau projet de vie.

Dates : 24-25-26 mars 2005

Inscription :
Les Ateliers Alexandra Duchastel (514) 525-6868
155$ /175$ après le 24 février 2005

Vous souhaitant un beau mois de mars,
L’équipe du Centre TEMENOS

Making our Mark, Conference March 11th, 2006

The Caldwell College/New Jersey Art Therapy Association Fifth Annual Art Therapy Conference

Making Our Mark:
The 5th Annual
Art Therapy Conference
At Caldwell College NJ, USA

Cosponsored by the Art Therapy Programs at Caldwell College and the
New Jersey Art Therapy Association

9am – 5pm
Saturday, March 11, 2006

CEC approval pending from AATA (5.5 credits).
AATA is approved by NBCC to provide CEC credits to counselors.

Conference Registration

Conference Arts in Society

Call for papers: Arts as therapy
Edinburgh, Scotland August 2006
International Conference on the Arts in Society

Overall Theme 2006: ARTS OF ENGAGEMENT
‘Arts of Engagement’ emerged as this year’s conference theme as a broad way to think about how to link interdisciplinary forms of creative expression with social action and meanings. On the world stage, global systems of exchange and production are calling old structures into question, and forcing a re-evaluation of art world creations�hybridized, appropriated, traveled. As the visionaries of alternative ways of seeing and self-expression, artists and their works speak loudest to the pressing needs for social change, peace and justice, often paying a high personal and professional price for doing so. Addressing the broad themes below, we invite proposals from any one or combination of conference themes that bring the arts into contact with particular social and cultural flows.