NHS art therapy for schizophrenia

BBC NEWS | Health | NHS art therapy for schizophrenia

Government advisers are expected to recommend art therapy on the NHS for people with schizophrenia.

The National Institute of Clinical and Health Excellence (NICE) will promote use of programmes offering music, art and dance therapy for the first time.

Activities include playing musical instruments and creating collages.

An expert panel found the therapy works particularly well in patients with “negative” symptoms such as withdrawal and poor motivation.

Schemes use trained therapists, with degrees in art, music or dance, and encourage people with schizophrenia to be creative as well as participating in group activities.

Continued BBC-News here

8 responses to “NHS art therapy for schizophrenia

  1. Fantastic, I’ve waited for several years for somehthing like this. I do wish the NHS sponsors qualified nurses to train in art therapy – I would certainly be one of the first to enrol.

  2. Totally helpful information. Keep the blogs coming.

  3. So was this policy established? I noted it was a 2009 blog post. I am eager to use this as an argument for similar approaches to art therapy in Australia.

  4. This is a British reality. I would check with BAAT, the British Association of Art Therapists; they should be better able to answer your questions.

  5. Colette Whelan


    I have just set up a petition on an official Government site to gain enough signatures in support of Art Psychotherapy, in the hope that it can be made available across all NHS hospitals for out patients as well as acute services.

    If you support my campaign please click on the link below to sign my petition. When giving your details business addresses will not be accepted. Thank you.


    Kind Regards Colette Whelan

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