The Daily Breeze – SP gallery reframes art therapy

By Megan Bagdonas Staff Writer

Article Launched: 12/13/2007 11:42:54 PM PST

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Harold Plople says modestly that his artwork is just therapy… (Steve McCrank/ Staff Photographer). Harold Plople is an artist who suffers from delusions.

But operators of the San Pedro home for the mentally ill where he lives believe Plople should have the same opportunity as high-end, stable-minded artists to display his paintings in a professional setting.

So now the white walls and high ceilings of the Harbor View House gallery are reserved for only its most accomplished and skilled artists. Gone are the days when any and all artwork done by residents was put on display.

"Before we just hung everything everywhere, it was like an open house at a school," said Amy Myers, gallery and studio director. "It wasn’t good for selling things because there was such an array of styles and the quality level was all over the map.

"But now our gallery is going to look like any gallery you will see anywhere."

And for the first time, Harbor View House is hosting a one-man show. Plople’s poignant images inspired by his five years as a "drunk, belligerent, obnoxious person" on Los Angeles’ notorious Skid Row dominate the gallery. 


The Daily Breeze – SP gallery reframes art therapy

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