AATA 2007 conference

The Art of connecting from local to global.

AATA’s 38th annual conference

November 14-18, 2007 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA



The conference is organized into seven subject tracks designed to help participants quickly find areas of interest and make the most of the conference. Please mix and match and attend the presentations that best fit your needs.

CA Clinical Approaches
Expand your knowledge of art therapy with children, adolescents, adults, families, and the elderly in psychiatric, medical, and a variety of other group and individual settings. Learn about therapeutic best practices, case studies, and art therapy techniques and methods.

CT Current Trends
Discover the contemporary issues that professionals in the forefront of the field are investigating. Topics include technology, credentialing, ethics, activism, and more.

TA Theory and Assessment
Examine the most recent theoretical thinking in the field. Study art therapy assessments, current research and theoretical models taught by experienced researchers and pioneers of art therapy.

SC Studio and Community
Focus on programs with an art studio-based approach. Artist-centered art therapy practice and community outreach programs designed to improve our collective well being are featured.

ES Education and Supervision
Explore updates in art therapy training and education. Focus on the latest teaching methods, supervision techniques, and educational developments.

MC Multiculturalism
Celebrate the many ways art therapy heals diverse peoples. Increase multicultural competency by learning about cross-cultural relationships, programs and practices.

RE Research & Evaluation
Focus on the theory and practice of clinical evaluation, the use of standardized assessments, systematic case studies, outcome studies, and all forms of inquiry, using or exploring various research methodologies.

The conference has two themes in addition to seven tracks. Theme-specific sessions are color-coded throughout the program:  Creativity and Loss and Art and Technology 

Workshops and master classes


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  1. Here in the UK we are using such methods but in a slightly different way. I have just set up a volunteers network in my clinic – people with minor health problems can channel energy through construction, design and maintenance under the direction of a physician.

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