Finding past Internet art therapy sites-

For a number of reasons I have chosen to no longer update my blogs on BLOG-CITY. Instead I am concentrating everything here on the ARTS IN HEALTH (this blog).However given the amount of very valid aggregated information stored there over the years, I am providing links to what is archived permanently through the Wayback Machine , a search engine that gives you access to what has technically disappeared over the years on the Internet.

For past information click the following links or use the url in the search engine of the Wayback site.






ART (of patients and art therapists)



And if ever my main site also disappears you can always click the NEWS link that will take you to the Wayback search engine.

2 responses to “Finding past Internet art therapy sites-

  1. Hey fellow art community, I don’t know who is aware of this great museum in Chicago, but it is very interesting. There is a Museum in Chicago, the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum. It is the only one like it and it is a safe place for vets to express their emotions through art. Several of the Museum’s artists suffer from severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and a few have learned to begin healing through art. Check out the website for more information or to view vets’ artwork. Check it out:

  2. Thank you for the information. I am glad the Vietnam veterans do have this outled. There are quite a few art therapy articles in the American Journal of Art Therapy on the subject.

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