New Post-Master training in Art Therapy

The Canadian Art Therapy Association

CATA has approved a new art therapy post-masters training program in Edmonton St. Stephen’s Theological College with University of Alberta is offering a unique post masters certificate program in art therapy and spirituality. It is also possible to obtain a masters degree in pastoral counselling with an emphasis in art therapy.

Both aspects of the art therapy training program are currently completing the requirements necessary to allow students the opportunity to become registered with the Canadian Art Therapy Assocation, The American Art Therapy Association or the International Expressive Therapies Association.

For more information please contact St. Stephen’s College at 8810 – 112 St. Edmonton, AB. T6G 2J6 For general information on the program, application, etc.

Contact: Shelley Westermann at 1-800 661-4956 of email: or go to the website

For specific information on the coursework or the orientation of the program contact: Dr. Jean Waters or Dr. Greg Madison

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