Art therapy and political violence

Art Therapy Initiative

ati Art Therapy Initiative

ATI is an independent London-based art therapy service working in the context of political violence and trauma.

It was founded by Debra Kalmanowitz and Bobby Lloyd in 1994. In addition to clinical practice, ATI regularly develops and runs workshops, seminars, consultation and training.

ATI has worked with and alongside Goldsmiths College, London University; War Child; the Bosnian Support Trust; the Art Works Trust and the University of Durban Wesrtville (South Africa); Save the Children and DFID (Department for International Development) in Kosovo; and the Bayswater Families Centre in London. To date, ATI has worked in Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia and South Africa, and most recently in Kosovo and the UK.

 What we offer     

Individual and group art therapy to children, adults and families who have been directly effected by political violence.
consultation, training and support to carers and professionals working
in the context of political violence and trauma.
into the above, where and when it would directly contribute to the work
and enhance the understanding of the subject for art therapists and
related professionals.
of knowledge and insights gained, as well as enter into a discourse
with a wider audience through publications, workshops, exhibitions and

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