Teen puts her faith in power of art to good use

Teen of the Week:
Teen puts her faith in power of art to good use – Neighborhoods

Teen puts her faith in power of art to good use

By WENDI WINTERS  For The Capital

“Nice hair!” a boy called out admiringly as he passed “Emden,” better known as Emily Dennis, in the hallway of Southern High School.

“I colored my hair last night,” the Churchton teenager said casually, running fingers through her scarlet Louise Brooks bob. “Sometimes it’s other shades of red, or brown. I’ve dyed it blue and I’ve been a blonde, too.”

Touching the twin strands of fabric encircling her neck, she pointed out that the “necklaces” were made of strips of torn bandannas.

“I like to make my own jewelry,”

Emily said with a hint of pride. “I like beading and hemping, braiding straw.”

Her personal philosophy is: “I’m an individual walking around, open to new things and ready to share with others.”

Her father, Dennis, is vice president of Herman Stewart Construction, and Linda, her mother, is in human resources at Partners in Care, a Severna Park-based charity. Her younger sister Corinne, 14, is a freshman at Southern.

This is Emily’s fifth year at Southern. Southern Middle School was being renovated, and for several years its eighth-graders were housed at the high school.

She’s been accepted at Towson University and McDaniel College in
Westmister. Wherever she chooses to go, she plans to study art therapy.

a form of releasing emotions through materials like paint and clay,
channeling anger and depression into something constructive, rather
than something destructive,” she explained. She has seen how it helps.
“I didn’t want to be a commercial artist – I wanted to help people.
This is two things I love to do in one program.

“My goal is to teach art therapy to kids in a hospital – for now. My goals could change.”

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