Postcards from Katrina

Postcards from Katrina TM: Sharing Stories of Hope and Help

Postcards from Katrina TM: Sharing Stories of Hope and Help

Postcards from Katrina TM is a Washington, DC-based community arts and health education program using the power of the arts to address social, emotional and mental health concerns, particularly among youth, in post-traumatic situations. Recognizing art as a healing tool, PfK invites you to share your story of hope with a homemade postcard of original art (including collage, photography and mixed media). Also PfK welcomes music and poetry to bring awareness of help and hope.

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3 responses to “Postcards from Katrina

  1. Hi Kathrina,
    I am working for two years in Hong Kong with a very busy surgery(see website) essentially I am a painter who for years ran two galleries in London,fortunately I was able to hand these over to my children and pesue what my interests are,mainly art and healing.for the yaers I ran the galleries I saw the healing effect art has on some people with problems.My work here is rather different in that its more medically structured,in Oct. I will be presenting a workshop in Bejing for autistic children,meanwhile I am trying get my pprojects off the ground and set up group art therapy sessions.
    Hong Kong is not China and fortunately English is spoken here, so it may make it easier.
    hope this is of interest?I would like to share what I do with you.


  2. You are more than welcome to comment and share your experience. You mention a presentationin Bejing. There are a few professional art therapists in China. There is also an art therapy association in Taiwan. I don’t have the link but I found the following link to papers I believe written in chinese on art therapy
    Good luck in your learning and work.

  3. Try the International Networking Art Therapy Group here for international information on art therapy. They have a newsletter that is well worth it. Subscribe here:

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