Art serves as therapy, gateway to feelings

Art serves as therapy, gateway to feelings

Art serves as therapy, gateway to feelings
Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Artwork has always existed, as early as the cave man period when pictures were drawn on cave walls telling stories and showing events. At that time, it was considered a form of communication.

Creating art is an excellent way for people to discover and explore their feelings. The finished product tells a story, but it is the creative process that reveals the true inner feelings.

Art represents the visual thoughts and feelings the artist had when creating it.

In college, one of the required classes was a humanities
class where we explored art, music and literature. I was
pleasantly surprised to find out how interesting it was to
learn how to analyze art.

Today, whenever I listen to music, I think about what the
musician and singer are saying. Whenever I read, I always
look for clues to the author’s message. I especially
enjoy looking at artwork to read the story and the
colors’ meaning.

Art therapy is a form of expression through which
creativity can increase the emotional well-being of an
individual. Psychotherapeutic theories are combined with the
psychological side of the creative process to treat emotions
and feelings.

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