Feminist subversion of the day–BraBall

A subversive feminist find.

The BraBall
The BraBall

Emily’s Latest Project

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The BraBall is Finished! A big THANK YOU!

Events & News – UPDATES

Photos of The BraBall – EVENTS/PHOTOS

Letters to The BraBall – LETTERS


The Full BraBall Story – HERSTORY

BraBall Publicity – PRESS

BraBall Statistics – FACTS

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One response to “Feminist subversion of the day–BraBall

  1. only one, then? how odd! :o)

    I like how it’s described as possibly representing a breast – yet it’s ironic it’s called a ‘ball’. maybe a sister piece made from old sports jockstraps, we’d name it jockboob – but they’d be a mismatched pair! ;o)

    I desperately want to find out what the original donator was doing with over 1000 bras! and what became of them. He made a tit of himself by all accounts.

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