Art therapy for disease: Eurhythmy

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Art therapy for disease: Eurhythmy

Friday, January 19, 2007 15:42 I

HYDERABAD: Music, dance, sculpture, painting, speech and movement can supplement medical treatment in different diseases.

This system, called eurhythmy, is being discussed at an International Post-Graduate Meeting and training session going on at the ICRISAT from January 14 to January 21.

Giving details, expert Dr Michael Clocker told media the new system, called Anthroposophical Medicine in medical parlance, seeks to find a common language in addressing issues of health and illness from different medical perspectives.

Dr Clocker said the training programme was being organised by the Indian Branch of the Anthroposophical Society, begun with the aim of promoting the system based on the teachings of Austrian Scientist Rudolf Steiner.

The system also aimed at integrating Indian Medical Branches like Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Yoga.

Anthrosophical Medicines had made significant changes in cancer therapy, children with special needs and education.

Dr Clocker said trainers from all over the world including doctors, physochologists, therapists; teachers and special educators had come together to share experiences and to train hundreds of Indian doctors.

Dr Peter Glosby of Mount Baker Waldorf Shool, said the system aimed at treating the body as well as the mind, soul and spirit. Drugs were prepared from substances taken from minerals, plants and the animal kingdom.

Dr Srinivasa Rao, well-known homeopath said the system was slowly gaining popularity.

One response to “Art therapy for disease: Eurhythmy

  1. I think many writers have only survived by having their works being the dominant force in their life. They would have just succumbed otherwise.

    Art does have a purging effect – the acting out can remove the cause.


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