Art fights Alzheimer’s Assisted-living center uses painting to stir imaginations of dementia patients

Art fights Alzheimer’s –

Newsday Staff Writer

July 16, 2006

Norman Davidson’s memories are like the scenic watercolors he creates: moments frozen in the instant, imbued with the color of his sentimental interpretation.

The Bronx native learned to paint as a boy. Now, the gentle, 81-year-old man is caught in the throes of Alzheimer’s disease, incurable and devastating, and he slowly loses his memories.

Nothing has slowed his decline. But to cope with the fits of frustration that are part of the condition’s terrain,

Davidson has returned to his painting, this time as a form of therapy.

“It brings me back to my teenage years, when I used to do sculptures and stuff like that,” Davidson said recently outside his apartment at Bristal Assisted Living in North Woodmere. “My father also was an artist; we had a good relationship. But I taught myself.” Continued here

4 responses to “Art fights Alzheimer’s Assisted-living center uses painting to stir imaginations of dementia patients

  1. Looking for families with grandchildren or great grandchildren dealing with Alzheimer’s in their family for an HBO documentary. Would like to do a segment on art therapy. Call Veronica on 310-420-1168

  2. Hello Veronica,

    I’ve forwarded your request to the professional members of the Arts in Therapy egroup. Art therapists working in geriatrics would most probably be interested in what you want to do.

    Good luck and thank you for including art therapy in your documentary.

    Francine Lévesque DPA, MA, ATPQ

  3. Stefanie Thompson

    I’m interested in this story that might happen on HBO. How can I get more inforamtion or follow the development of this project?

    Thank you,

    Stefanie Thompson
    Program Specialist
    Alzheimer’s Association-Florida Gulf Coast Chapter
    Lakeland, Florida

  4. The message you are commenting is dated 2006. Check with HBO directly through their web site. Good luck.

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