Girls record their lives through visual imagery

Cayman Net News:
Girls record their lives through visual imagery

Girls record their lives through visual imagery

Monday, June 5, 2006

From the Visual Diary of Melissa Dilbert,
National Gallery Art Outreach Programme, Frances
Bodden Girls Home

Students at the Frances Bodden Girls Home have been working on Visual Diaries for the past three weeks. The initiative is part of the Caledonian Art Outreach programme which is run at the home by the National Gallery under the instruction of Kushana Gentles, Education and Outreach Officer from the Gallery.

“This exercise is a great way to express oneself without words,” Ms. Gentles explained.

“The girls were a bit reluctant at first with many saying ‘I am not sure what to draw’ but soon got into the exercise and were able to come up with some interesting images.”

A journal without words, the images depict things from the past, like the death of a loved one, or the way that they felt at a particular moment, and upcoming events in their lives like graduation, and future hopes and fears.

David Walker, Managing Director of Caledonian Bank and Trust Limited which sponsors the programme said the bank was pleased to be involved.

‘Caledonian is delighted to sponsor the arts in the Cayman Islands and is especially pleased to continue to support the National Gallery’s outreach initiative which tackles pressing social issues through art therapy.

Art Outreach Frances Bodden takes place at the home each Tuesday evening, throughout the school year.


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