Group Analytic Art Therapy (book review)

Book Fills Gap in Art Therapy Literature – OhmyNews International

Book Fills Gap in Art Therapy Literature
Providing both insight and encouragement

Ambrose Musiyiwa (amusiyiwa)
Published on 2006-05-20 15:10 (KST)

Group Analytic Art Therapy

By Gerry McNeilly

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

240 pages
GBP £18.99. US$24.95

Gerry McNeilly’s “Group Analytic Art Therapy” fills a gap in group art therapy literature on both sides of the Atlantic.

It highlights the deficiencies in group art therapy literature, and the sparseness of research in art therapy, in the United Kingdom.

The book reinforces the need for art therapy theoreticians and professionals to continue researching aspects of their profession and writing about their efforts.

It encourages them to reflect on their practice and to share those reflections with the wider community of professionals working in therapeutic enterprises.

McNeilly observes: “There is only one art therapy journal in the U.K., ‘Inscape,’ and this has published little on group art therapy … I’m aware of only two books that address groups specifically from a psychotherapy perspective: ‘Group Interactive Therapy’ (Waller 1993) and ‘Art Psychotherapy Groups’ (Skaife and Huet 1998), which covers a wide range of clinical settings from a number of British art therapists.”  Continued….

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