Releasing pain through art

Releasing pain through art

Program gives victims of violence a voice

Today Staff

May 2, 2006

Children’s art therapist Brian Myers poses with a tree painted on the wall and ceiling at the Friends of Abused Families facility in West Bend. Myers began painting the tree himself and then asked each child who passed through to paint a leaf on the tree. Friends of Abused Families provides shelter and education for families impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault.

Children who went through art therapy painted leaves.

Brian Myers holds up a chalk drawing done by a 13-year-old boy. The boy appears small and terrified as he stands less than an inch tall on top of the world. His mother peers up behind him, her head 10 times larger than the boy, hands high in the air. One side of her face shows the mother smiling, at peace; the other side her face is green, teeth are sharp, eyes crooked and hair wild.

After the boy finished his drawing, he told Myers the picture represents the way his mom acts when his father becomes abusive.

Myers is the art therapist for Friends of Abused Families. The boy participated in the children’s art therapy program that runs twice a week at the shelter while his mother sat in on the women’s support group. Continued….

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