Expressing their lives one page at a time

Expressing their lives one page at a time
For teens, it’s part therapy, part artistic expression


May 6, 2006

Ames, Ia.

— From the creative to the troubled, teens at Ames High School are working out emotions, ideas and artistic talents through a method now raging in popularity: altering books.

Students who are not even taking art classes have started showing up in teacher Michel Gude’s art room, asking to create a book. The spunky teacher hands them old, retired books from the school library, and from there, they can do what they’ve always been told not to — rip, scribble, paint, collage, burn and even staple — all over the pages and covers.

“You can express your feelings without being judged,” said sophomore Svelta Siguas, 15.

Her book is colorful and bright on the outside, with darker pages inside — it’s a reflection of herself, she said, as she showed it to Gude.  Continued….

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