Art therapy helps create sense of well-being

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Art therapy helps create sense of well-being


The News Journal

The arts have always played an important role in Ruby Zimmerman’s life.

Born and raised in New York, she was exposed to a wide range of visual arts while attending the High School of Music and Art in Manhattan, whose sister school for performing arts was later immortalized in the 1980 film “Fame.” After graduating, Zimmerman became a professional dancer for four years. She then traveled to Tokyo to visit her brother and ended up staying for two years to teach dance.

When Zimmerman, 72, of Brandywine Hundred, was diagnosed with breast cancer six years ago, she turned to art to help her through the experience. After surgery and radiation treatment, she took up art classes at The Wellness Community-Delaware, which provides free support, education and activities for cancer patients and their loved ones. Though she rarely picked up a paint brush during the years spent raising her children, she found the sculpture, collage work and painting helped her channel her nervous energy — energy that would have otherwise been spent worrying about her mortality. Continued…

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