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Revealing visual expression (article)

Published Article

Revelations through Visual Expression ©
By Dale Schwarz, M. Ed., ATR, LMHC

During a coaching session, a client talks about feeling fragmented at work. I ask her if she would like to draw an image that captures her experience. She readily takes a piece of paper and draws a simple, full-body image of herself. Then she draws lines across the picture of herself. She reflects upon the drawing for a moment and then asks for scissors. With scissors in hand she cuts where she has drawn the lines and separates the fragments of “herself.” “There!” she says. “I feel much better now by just expressing and seeing exactly how fragmented I feel at work. How I feel cut in pieces and unfocused.

This art work is so telling!” The client realized that everybody at work “gets a piece of me”. She proceeded to re-think and re-vamp her leadership style, which led to effective systemic changes in her organization.

We live in a world filled with visual images. Symbols, icons and visual metaphors surround and inundate us. We instantly understand these images that hold many levels of meaning. Your own business card probably includes a logo or symbol that has a significant meaning and that conveys meaning to your clients. You or someone else gave careful thought to this symbol and what it reflects about the organization. Your business card uses a symbolic form to convey a complex message.

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Making art of work (an article)


Making Art of Work ©

Incorporating visual expression into the
workplace can bring out your creativity

By Dale Schwarz, M. Ed., ATR, LMHC

Organizations would do well to create art rather than simply hang it. Art is one infrequently used approach that can help organizations enhance innovative thinking, decision making, and transition and change. Art provides access to difficult organizational issues. This approach involves using simple drawings, images, and visual metaphors as a powerful means of communication. It can help individuals, teams, and organizations tap into their imaginations, freeing their creative genius.
Picture this
A team of ten people works on a collage illustrating what they need from other team members to become a cohesive team. In the past, not everyone contributed to discussions; people felt excluded and unseen.

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