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Nature, business and art therapy retreats



By Carol Bardia

Source of information: http://www.pier2peer.biz/articles/article03.htm
“Connecting with nature helps people feel whole again and have new energies to bring to the table.”

Hustle, bustle, stressful, deadlines! These are the words that seem to be most frequently related to today’s world – at work or at home. More often than not, schedules seem to be the controlling factor of our days. Well, it’s time to “schedule” some down time – time to reassess what’s happening in your life, how is it affecting your work and your family.

The old adage “stop and smell the roses” is something you might actually be able to do at the California Center for Creative Renewal in Encinitas. This garden retreat is devoted to creative renewal through art and nature for individuals and groups. Consisting of 1.5 acres, the Center is located in the gentle coastal hills of San Diego North County featuring relaxed, informal meeting spaces, a fully equipped Craftsman-style art studio, an outdoor potter’s wheel all in a setting of flowers, fragrant shrubs, a garden labyrinth, and a fruit orchard providing a peaceful setting for renewal. In addition there is a short canyon-walking trail, paths lined with native and exotic plants and benches for private meditation or just a quiet place to enjoy the lovely surroundings.

Founded in 1981 by Ellen Speert, the Center focuses on the use of the creative arts to provide an environment of right brain stimulation to achieve goal-driven results. “Organizations that unleash their employees’ creative instincts have a discernible edge,” notes Spreet. She finds that companies that encourage their people to tap into their inner resources are rewarded with employees that move forward more dynamically and with greater enthusiasm. The day-to-day grind tends to box people in and stifle creativity and initiative. People and ideas become stale, and the garden setting of the retreat provides a sense of expansiveness – stimulates renewal. “Connecting with nature helps people feel whole again and have new energies to bring to the table.” she adds. [Continued here…]