Katrina Kids Project

Source: http://www.katrinaskidsproject.org/

Katrina’s Kids Project Brings Hope…One Crayon at a Time

Katrina’s Kids Project was started by a group of Houston area moms in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The project gave evacuee children the opportunity to create, discuss and process their experience through art. Ashley Bryan, Johna DiMuzio, Carol Gunn and Janine Schueppert worked with hundreds of children staying in the Astrodome / Reliant Center shelters. They gave the children an opportunity to talk to someone about their Katrina experiences and release some of their emotions. The result is an amazing display of these children’s pain, fear and most of all, their hopes.

The art collection is being preserved as a traveling exhibit and will also be featured on quilts that adults helped create in the shelters. The quilts will be auctioned; t-shirt, calendars, greeting cards, and note cards featuring the children’s art will be sold to raise money to help evacuee children.

Mission Statement

To provide emotional support for hurricane Katrina’s evacuee children by offering them the opportunity to discuss and process their experience through art, and to use funds raised to support organizations that will assist these and other under-resourced children to grow to their full potential through direct involvement in the visual and performing arts.

Katrina’s Kids Project in the news

Click here to see Katrina’s Kids Project on ABC World News Tonight.
(WMV file, 8.9MB)

Click here to see CNN’s coverage on Anderson Cooper 360.
(WMV file, 8.1MB)

One response to “Katrina Kids Project

  1. I think what you have done is truly wonderful. art is a great way to deal with problems and God knows those children went through a lot. I’m considering going to college to help children and do art, and one way to combine this is through art therapy. Thank you for caring about the children. They are the most important people, even if they are the smallest. 🙂

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