Aldea Children’s Art Therapy Calendar brims with inspiration –

By SASHA PAULSEN, Register Features Editor
Monday, December 19, 2005 1:05 AM PST

If you are in need of inspiration for last-minute holiday gifts, we have an idea for you: It’s the new 2006 Children’s Art Therapy calendar, a heart-warming way to keep track of the new year that is brimming with creativity and imagination.

The award-winning calendar is the work of kids in programs at Aldea Family and Children’s Services. This program, which serves about 2,500 people, is the largest provider of mental health services in Napa County, and plays a critical role in Solano County as well, helping children, families and disabled adults.

The calendar, however, is the work of the children, who are using the powerful tool of art to work through emotional problems. The children are troubled, depressed or traumatized and express their problems in a variety of ways that often increase their problems: anxiety, hyperactivity, withdrawal, school absenteeism, dropping or failing grades, acting out, aggression and self-abuse. Al Friedman directs the program and has overseen the production of the calendar, which Aldea has created for the last eight years.

“Some children can more effectively express and explore difficult issues through art than with words alone,” a press release from Aldea explained. “With the guidance of professionally trained and registered therapists, children are able to work through painful issues and reduce negative symptoms leading to healthier and more productive behavior at home, school and in the community.” []

Title: Aldea Children’s Art Therapy Calendar brims with inspiration – Napa Valley Register
Author: Sasha Paulsen
Publication Date: December 19, 2005

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