2006 society for the Arts in Healthcare–Call for papers



SAH is pleased to announce a call for individual papers, panels, workshops, performances and poster presentations for our 2006 annual conference, “Vision and Voice,” April 26-29, 2006 in Chicago , IL.


We strongly encourage abstract submissions in the following areas:

1) Leadership
How do we set standards, competencies and guidelines that will promote professionalism in our industry? How do we create strategic partnerships between the arts, design and healthcare associations and institutions? How do we create a common language between our fields of interest? How do we honor the past, manage the present, and plan for the future?

2) Arts in Action
What are the intrinsic benefits of the arts in the healthcare environment? What are good healthcare examples of experiences in the visual, literary, and performing arts? What types of theatre and dance based work can we do in hospitals or other healthcare facilities? What type of music and musical interaction is appropriate at the bedside? Can we explore the visual and literary arts further in healthcare?

3) Evidence Based Research and Evaluation
What research and evaluation methodologies can we employ in arts in healthcare including architecture, interior design and landscape? In medical education? In arts education including the expressive therapies? How do we define patients’ needs? How do we evaluate our arts programs? Can we prove the instrumental benefits that the arts aid healing, enhance doctor-patient relations, and reduce the stress of being a caregiver?

4) Skill Building
How do we educate healthcare practitioners? Artists? Other caregivers? What are the model programs for “Caring for the Caregiver”? What types of continuing education opportunities can we offer artists or healthcare staff? How do we establish or manage an arts in healthcare program? Who do we involve? How do we involve healthcare staff in the arts? How do involve artists in healthcare organizations? What are the roles of the arts and expressive therapies? How do the arts relate to spirituality in the healthcare setting?

5) Sustainability: Fundraising and Advocacy
How do we solicit and secure within our own institutions and other corporate, foundation, and private support? What are examples of good corporate support? Where are the grants? What are good models of advocacy? How do we obtain support from the healthcare industry? How do we obtain support from the arts industry? To whom are we advocating?

6) Patient Centered Healthcare Facility Design
What are the model programs and best practices in the design of healthcare facilities? How can the arts be used in way finding and stress reduction? What are best practices for developing/managing a hospital art collection, exhibits by artists and by the hospital itself? What are good examples of healing spaces and patient centered healthcare design? How were they developed through architecture, interior design and landscape?

7) Community Health and Healing
How do the visual, performing, and literary arts strengthen community health? What are good models of community partnerships? How do we use the arts to enhance the cultural outreach of the hospital to strengthen the connection between the hospital and its community? How do the arts positively affect healthcare disparities? How can the arts be used to address critical healthcare issues such as obesity, HIV/AIDS, cancer and end of life?

8) New Frontiers
What are the international initiatives, novel ideas, new trends, challenges and opportunities in the field?

Continued here: http://www.thesah.org/annual/abstracts.html

For questions regarding the content of your proposed abstract or technical assistance with the online abstract submission process please contact the SAH Office either by phone at 202 299 9770 or via email at mail@thesah.org.

All abstracts must be submitted by November 1, 2005. Be sure to print a copy of your abstract. Once an abstract has been submitted you may not go back to make any changes.

One response to “2006 society for the Arts in Healthcare–Call for papers

  1. Great blog I hope we can work to build a better health care system as we are in a major crisis and health insurance is a major aspect to many.–>

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