Creative Alternatives presents

EMERGENCE : A Dynamic Process of Creative Exploration

These monthly experiential workshops will lead participants through an individual and group process with the goal of strengthening trust in ones creativity and confidence in facing emerging life issues. Using techniques from insight meditation, the creative arts therapies and popular theatre, we will create a playful, safe, supportive, and inspiring environment. Together, we will take a journey of personal insight through the imagination and myth creation.

David Jurasek is currently creating his thesis project for a Masters in Drama Therapy at Concordia, a one-man performance piece entitled ‘Play’, about madness and creativity. A caring and sensitive facilitator, emerging therapist, provocative storyteller, curious actor, truth seeker and eclectic explorer, David-Jan is now focusing and integrating his skills and passions for mediation, the creative arts therapies, and Aikido: following the path of his heart and sharing his joy. He is an active member of the Montreal Playback Company.

Allan Rosales is completing his M.A in Art Therapy at Concordia University. He is a collaborator with the Montreal Playback Company for one year. He was a finalist is the 2003 Forces Avenir Awards for an Art and Drama therapy program for suicidal adolescents. He currently works with the West Montreal Re-adaptation Center, the Montreal Childrens Hospital and the English Montreal School Board.

October 23rd
Registration Fee: $20.00
Location TBA to register

Thinking in the Round: Developing our collective intelligence through dialogue

At the heart of every group endeavour is a continual exchange and blending of ideas and experiences. However, to reach the heights of innovation and creativity that we imagine for our organizations and communities, we need to be more intentional about the way we think together. We must move beyond our typical modes of communication- discussion and debate- that tend to only reinforce our current thinking. Through the practice of dialogue, we learn to examine our underlying assumptions, deeply explore perspectives that directly conflict with our own, and consciously change the way in which we are thinking to allow for new meaning to emerge.

In this workshop, we will introduce you to the practice and underlying theory of dialogue. You will also have the opportunity to engage in dialogue as a group to experience how it unfolds and to reflect on the impact that it has on you individually and on the group as a whole.

Tana Paddock is a facilitator in organizational and community development. Her expertise is in helping diverse groups of people think and work together effectively across social and organizational boundaries. She has worked on a wide range of projects in the U.S. and Canada, including small business development, community economic development, organizational change, affordable housing, and education reform. She has led seminars on the theory and practice of dialogue at Concordia and McGill Universities and currently teaches a course at McGill that explores the social and environmental impact of business.

Gerardo Sierra has facilitated organizational development, leadership, and teambuilding initiatives for Mexican and Latin American Corporations. In January 2002, as the Director of Innovation and Development at Monterrey TEC Undergraduate Business School, he launched the Management Dialogues project, which brought together managers from different sectors and industries to explore and provide solutions to the challenges facing the Mexican Economy. Today, Gerardo continues his quest to develop & support collective efforts to build sustainable organizations and communities.

PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited to 18 people, so please contact us before October 31st to pre-register. Coffee and tea will be served at 8:30am. Please bring a bag lunch.

November 7th 9:00am to 4:30pm
Rad’a Studio
841 rue Gilford (three blocks east of Metro Laurier)
Wheelchair accessible
Registration fee: $75.00. to register

The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new
landscapes but in having new eyes.

M. Proust

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