Corporate Art Therapy

The Centre offers Corporate Education Programs.
More and more creative art therapists are making inroads into the business world for those companies aware of how investment in well being and mental health is good for the bottom line ROI (return on investment).

The Center for Therapy through the Arts

offers a variety of educational options for persons interested in introductory or advanced training in art therapy.

Professional Education Workshops
Training professionals how to implement a more creative environment ? for themselves and their clients ? is an important part of The Center for Therapy through the Arts mission. Stress, burnout and disillusionment are all factors faced by today?s health care workers. Even without workplace stressors, professionals are constantly seeking innovative ways to work with autistic children, Alzheimer?s patients, chemically addicted individuals and others with special needs.

Seminars such as our “Making a Creative Connection” and “Healing Power of the Arts” workshops provide hands-on educational experiences that can be used both personally and professionally to encourage new ways of thinking and responding to difficulties.

In addition to workshops held at Art Studio sites, staff members are available to facilitate in-service programs, lectures, and hands-on workshops at other locations throughout the city. (See Events)

Corporate Education Programs

Many corporations and businesses today are seeking cost-effective ways to reduce workplace stresses, and provide preventative health care training and education. Corporations will find that the arts evoke responses and create outcomes that are different from traditional training and personal development programs. Doing art reveals patterns and structures from which insight can be gained to foster personal creativity and productivity. It releases tension and often demonstrates that order can be created out of chaos.

Our sessions can be designed to focus on objectives ranging from stress reduction and relaxation to team building and developing creativity in the workplace. We can design topics around business/education needs on a wide variety of subjects, specialized to any audience. Each presentation includes hands-on art experiences to provide participants with the opportunity to use alternative approaches to communicating ideas and problem solving.

Location of the seminars can be determined by the sponsoring employer. We can conduct workshops at another designated location or at any of our three Art Studio sites.

Center for Therapy through the Arts staff will gladly help you design a program that is most appropriate for your needs, such as:

? Developing Personal Potential
– – Letting go of Stress
– – Using the Arts to Re-charge your batteries
– – Communicating Creatively
– – Relax, Relearn and Revitalize: Artmaking through Guided Imagery
– – Your Professional Journey: Crossroads, Obstacles and Detours
– – Creating a Personal Treasure Map: Developing Goals and Desires

? Managing and Coping with Change
– – How to Cope with Transitions and Changes
– – The Anatomy of Change
– – Self-Circles: How to Avoid Going around in Circles

? Enhancing Personal and Team Creativity
– – Motivating People Creatively
– – Creative Problem Solving Techniques
– – The Art of Avoiding Burnout
– – Harnessing Creativity in the Workplace
– – Creating Failure: Learning to Live with your Mistakes

? Improving Teamwork and Productivity
– – Creative Techniques to Enhance Team Building
– – Exploring the Creative Process
– – Humor and Art as Coping Strategies
– – The Art of Letting Go
– – Building Self-Awareness and Thinking Skills
– – Border Patrol: Recognizing our Boundaries

In addition, we can be an adjunct to your Employee Assistance Program by designing programs for employees dealing with personal issues that can affect the workplace environment using art therapy techniques. Some of these include:
– – Struggling with personal loss
– – Coping with divorce, separation or death
– – Creativity and Addiction
– – Dealing with bereavement

Complete confidentiality is maintained in these sessions for all employees participating. We would be happy to discuss designing the appropriate therapeutic program for your employees.

14 responses to “Corporate Art Therapy

  1. This is the topic I am interested in. The article is a perfect hit; however, I don’t see contact information. Can’t even tell if this is the USA or another country. It’s unclear how to ask for more information from any one in the “Center for Therapy.”

    I’d appreciate your help on this.

  2. Click on the title and you will get this link for more info:

  3. Where do I get more information on pricing for workshops for businesses?

  4. Please contact the people at the website directly. Thank you

  5. please send me information on your courses

  6. As already mentioned to another writer,please contact the people directly through their website.

  7. The link above is dead.. anyone know of companies that provide corporate art therapy workshops?

  8. I am very interested in providing art therapy workshops within corperate settings. Are there any programs needing these services?

  9. The info on the page is so old, I wonder if anyone is active that can point me in a good direction as I write my Art Therapy MPS thesis on art therapy in corporate and business settings.. can anyone help??

  10. Hi I am half way through a masters in art therapy and am also interested in connecting with others working in this field of art therapy in organizational settings. Any leads appreciated.

    • Hi Katherine, I highly recommend you pick up Graphic Facilitation and Art Therapy: Imagery and Metaphor in Organizational Development by Michelle Winkel and Maxine Borowsky Junge It is the largest single resource available when talking about Art Therapy (and Graphic Facilitation) used in the corporate setting.

  11. Hello
    I am an art therapy student at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design in Auckland,New Zealand, and doing the clinical year of a Masters in Art therapy. I am currently working on an individual topic assignment and am focussing on exploring ways to take my art therapy practice into the corporate environment. I would really appreciate some ideas of how others might have evolved their approach to businesses and companies in order to develop the corporate art therapy side of their practice. I am very interested in how other art therapists managed to get started doing corporate work and how they accessed the companies that they might have worked with.
    I would also love to hear which experientials/interventions have been found to be the most effective and whether others incorporate some dramatherapy or music therapy into sessions.
    I have been exploring ways to engage participants in mindfulness and movement, and also some group icebreaker games as warm-ups for sessions.
    My masters research focused on using eco art therapy for groups of immigrants and I am thinking that this approach could also be very effective in the corporate environment. I would be most happy to share my research with others and look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards

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  13. My practice Integrated Creative Therapy offers corporate workshops that include relaxation/stress reduction as well as Art Therapist led Graphic Facilitation for creative brainstorms and similar meeting types. I’ve based my own study and practice of Art Therapy in the corporate space on work that has been published by Michelle Winkel and Maxine Borowsky Junge. If you have any questions you are welcome to reach out to me via the Integrated Creative Therapy site.

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