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A recent article published in LA Weekly

Art Therapy
And its progression from the Holocaust camps to Loyola Marymount and beyond

by Doug Harvey

From top: Mary Jane Armstrong,
Portrait of M (2002); Patricia
Sandler, Things That Are Odd:
Menopause (2002); Barbara
Margolies, Collage Series, #4

“We’ve been seeing slides of the art and seeing the power in it, but it’s still surprising when you see that it really works. The things that come up are, to me, a little bit magical and shocking.” I caught Lisa Kemble and another first-year graduate student just as they had finished up a studio art assignment, creating an image that represented one of the mentally ill patients with whom they make art twice a week. Lisa’s piece depicts a woman in what looks like an isolated passageway surrounded by a rather busily cheerful abstract border. “[My patient] is elderly and depressed, and I thought I’d just like to bring some joy and color into her daily life,” Lisa explains.

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