Technology guidelines: BCATA Recommendations for Ethical Practice

The British Columbia Art Therapy Association has taken the time to draft the following document (a bit dated 1999) to address the increasing use of technology in the delivery of arts therapy services and in the transfer of information.

What follows here is the index and an introduction.


Introduction 3

1. Maintenance of skills 3
2. Computer files, computers and networks 3
3. Technical failure and computer viruses 4
4. E-mail 4
5. Laptop computer security 5
6. Fax and telephone management 5
7. Scanned images of client art 6
8. Digital images 6
9. Web counselling / therapy 6
10. Website management 7
11. Internet relay chat 7
Bibliography 8
Information Feedback Sheet 9e


It is our responsibility as a professional community to comply with the professional standards of practice in all aspects of our professional functioning, including our use of electronic technologies. These guidelines were written to reflect the intention of the B.C.A.T.A. Code of Ethics and are recommendations only. Please note that Errors and Omissions Insurance, regardless of the insurance provider, may be limited to specific types and applications of computer use: it is therefore recommended that anyone using computer technologies
in their clinical work seek appropriate counsel regarding coverage for specific applications.

Given the ever-changing nature of technology, this document will be periodically updated and revised, as necessary.

1. Maintenance of Skills


It is incumbent upon individual therapists to seek out adequate training, develop experience, and secure the
support services necessary to ensure that uses of technology are in compliance with the B.C.A.T.A. Code of Ethics.

Continued here.

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