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Statement for the Congressional Record in Recognition of
National Creative Arts Therapies Week

June 1-7th, 2003

June 2nd Hillary Clinton submitted the following in recognition of the creative arts therapies. A historic moment in the USA.

Mr. President, the process of using the arts therapeutically to assist
victims of illness, trauma, disability and other personal challenges,
has historically been under recognized as a valuable treatment, yet the
benefits of this treatment are far reaching. The Creative Arts
Therapies, comprised of the fields of Art Therapy, Dance/Movement
Therapy, Drama Therapy, Music Therapy, Poetry Therapy and Psychodrama,
are disciplines that foster creative _expression to promote health,
communication, self-awareness, emotional, social and cognitive
functioning. I rise today, to proclaim National Creative Arts Therapies
Week, June 1st-7th, 2003 as a time to recognize this unique service.

Creative Arts Therapies have been practiced in the United States for
over 50 years with people of all ages and problems. Such therapists work
in medical hospitals, rehabilitation centers, mental health facilities,
day treatment centers, nursing homes, schools, homeless shelters,
correctional settings, and in private practice. Creative arts therapists
have helped people who have undergone trauma, loss, acute physical and
chronic illness, emotional disturbance, or struggle with depression,
retardation, developmental disabilities and addictions. Their
contributions during the aftermath of 9-11, assisting victims and the
bereaved through trauma treatment and the alleviation of post-traumatic
stress were invaluable.

I want to recognize and thank Creative Arts Therapists in America who
are assisting the most vulnerable in our society with valuable
therapeutic intervention. There are over 15,000 licensed clinicians who
meet high quality standards of graduate education and practice. Various
States, including New York have additional licensure requirements, which
protect patients from fraudulent practitioners and maintain the quality
of care to the highest standard. These credentialed clinicians
constitute a vital force of mental health professionals in our country.
However, many Americans are unable to access such services because
awareness about their effectiveness and employment of such therapists is
not sufficiently widespread.

The National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies Associations is
collectively celebrating the history and status of their profession.
They will be showcasing workshops, presentations and exhibits throughout
the United States to inform the public, healthcare practitioners,
insurers and legislators about the therapeutic value and significance of
this discipline.

I therefore proclaim National Creative Arts Therapies Week, June 1st –
7th, 2003 as a time to recognize the unique service provided by these
clinicians. Further, I encourage my colleagues in Congress to support
the Creative Arts Therapies fields and expand awareness about this form
of treatment. Particularly at this time of heightened sensitivity to
maintaining mental health, we should recognize the Creative Arts
Therapies as a way to help those in distress through the power of the
arts to heal.

Submitted by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, June 2nd, 2003


Art Therapy Summer School

Announcing: Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Group for Art as Therapy (NIGAT) is holding its Eleventh Art Therapy Summer School

from 21st July – 25th July 2003

in the University of Ulster at Belfast, York Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The Summer School is non-residential and features presentations and a choice of art therapy workshops. During the week attendees can decide if they wish choose to seek accreditation for the Summer School or not. Presenters and workshop leaders are art therapists from across the UK and Ireland. Various social events are also organised during the week. The annual Summer School has a strong reputation for providing a welcoming and stimulating experience and has attracted attendees from diverse countries.

You can access full details of the Summer School :
This links to a pdf version of the Summer School brochure

Please also visit the main NIGAT website

Previous Summer School attendees have commented:

“The workshop was very enjoyable, rewarding and refreshing, a great sense of loyalty and comradeship within the group.”

“I liked the way the programme includes theory in the mornings and hands on work in the afternoons.”

“I liked having a whole week! There was a variety of presentations and it was so well organised.”

Due to the popularity of the Summer School we recommend that if you are interested you book a place as soon as possible. Enquiries are welcome.

Caryl Sibbett

Art Therapist, NIGAT Vice-Chairperson.

NIGAT e-mail: nigat_uk@yahoo.co.uk

Summer School enquiries to: E-mail: cpdu@ulster.ac.uk


AiTiA general discussion place

I’ve added a general discussion space with a welcome message that reads:

Welcome AiTiA readers,

This is a place to add your thoughts, comments, to advertize your arts in therapy offerings and the likes. Please use this space responsibly. No commercial advertisement will be tolerated if it is not directly related to the practice of the arts-in-therapy.

Thank you for your understanding

Francine Lévesque MA, PhD in progress
AiTiA editor

The link is found in the discussion area of the sidebar under AiTiA discuss.



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