DGKT e. V.

The following paragraph is a ‘machine’ translation of a German web site which features the Creative Arts Therapies. A machine translation is flawed as you will notice in many ways, but give us the gist (no subleties) of what is being communicated. Since German is not a language I comprehend, this flawed translation sollicits German speaking art therapists and hopefully German art therapists to provide the context and situate their countries political struggles and successes to establish the creative art therapies as legitimate, valid and valued approaches to psychotherapy. I include the text here, because I strongly believe we have much to gain from hearing what is happening in other parts of the world regarding art therapy. I am a fervent believer in NOT reinventing the wheel and collaborating to find solutions for the benefit of all. If anyone reading this is able to give more insight please do so by posting your comments below in the “ShoutOut” section at the end of this posting. There is also the possibility of opening up a dialogue section in the forum available in the left side bar (see new). Note that the website from which this has been taken is quite extensive and offers much more for anyone able to comprehend German or patient enough to translate the many pages there.

German company for artistic therapy form – occupation and umbrella organization

What the DGKT is was established the DGKT 1985 as an occupation association, that advocated professional and occupation specific questions of the art therapists.

The priority goal of the DGKT is today as a Dachver­volume the different artistic therapy forms to bring together and to establish as independent procedures and methods in public health, both in the preventive, and in that clinically or ambulatory area. The occupation art therapist/ art therapist, music therapist/ music therapist, poetry and Bibliotherapeutin poetry and Bibliotherapeut dance therapist/ dance therapist should anchor be firmly in the canon of psychosocial occupations.

Artistic therapies stand after the understanding of the DGKT for the social recognition of the necessity of using artistic access wise and the encounter with art therapeutic and clinically and that entrusted us or us entrusting clients on ways of individual growth with therapeutic competence to accompany themselves.

At work at these goals, we orient ourselves to the ethical frame guidelines, that apply generally to psychotherapists. The principles of utmost autonomy, useful production and respect accompany us at work to prevent psychic interferences, to heal to lindem or. Theoretically underpinning and handlungsleitend are underpinned for us the recognitions out of depth psychological procedure, psychoanalysis, humanistic psychologies, cognitive theories and system theories. The current and tradierten artistic remarks in art, music, text and dance request at the same time to a permanent living discourse, in which we less than art and therapy in its effectiveness.

Next to this in substance exchange, that promotes above all innovations in the procedures and methods, we want to support and push the development of the science of artistic therapy form.

FORUM, there is also a discussion forum available in the sidebar of their site
“Diskussionforum” “Gästebush”

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