JUDY WEISER AND PHOTO THERAPY: around the world and back

Judy Weiser, a Canadian registered psychologist and art therapist, is best known for her extensive work in photo therapy. She will be travelling the country (Vancouver, Halifax), stopping in New York and moving on to Europe (Spain, Finland, Sweden) and eventually in Hawaii to give lectures and workshops. Her schedule is found HERE in “doc” form or HERE in html form.

To know more about Judy Weiser see a presentation of her lifes work. An excerpt is posted below:

Director of the PhotoTherapy Centre in Vancouver, Canada, Judy Weiser is a licensed psychologist and registered art therapist interested in the nonverbal and visual aspects of communication and behaviour (including cultural and gender differences). Over the past decade, her counseling, consulting, and teaching/training has concentrated on two fields of interest: HIV/AIDS psychotherapy and “PhotoTherapy” techniques (using clients’ interactions with their own personal snapshots and family photos to learn more about their feelings, memories, and thoughts). Using these techniques, she has long specialized in counseling Aboriginal people who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, especially street-involved youth and adults (often also drug-users or sex trade workers), and their families, friends, caregivers and communities. She also provides consulting and skills-training to other counseling professionals, offers peer and community educational workshops, and (when invited) assists with traditional Circles and other ceremonies. Continued here….

If you’d like to read Judy Weiser`s own biography read about photo therapy techniques or get an overview of the history of this approach, her website is a gold mine of information.

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