Updated Version 2003
American Art TherapyAssociation

This is an 18 page document with everything you need to present, structure and manage an art therapy practice in a school setting.

From the PREFACE

This resource packet is an updating of a packet originally developed by Barbara Shostak and Nancy Schoebel. Updating was a project of the AATA Publications Committee and was undertaken by Annette Shore and Frances Kaplan of that committee. Special thanks go to Janet Bush who lent her considerable expertise in order to advise this undertaking.

This packet is intended as a resource for school art therapists, those wishing to become school art therapists, and school administrators.

Student and professional art therapists will find it a useful resource in meeting the educational and social/emotional needs of students.
Administrators will find it a valuable reference regarding art therapy as a related educational service. The material provided here may also be adapted to suit the needs of art therapists working under specific state department of public instruction rules and regulations or under a particular school district’s educational policies.

Note that art therapists working in a school setting provide services that are not limited to special education students. Art therapy services should be available to any student who needs assistance – for whatever reasons – in making the most of their educational experience.

Also, it is assumed that art therapists interested in becoming school art therapists will need to meet the basic educational and credentialing standards of all art therapists, as well as acquiring any specialized training for school employment.


Preface… 3
Sample Job Description.. 4
Sample Job Specifications… 6
Identifying Students for Art Therapy.. 10
Recommended Procedures for Art Therapy. 11
Appendix: Sample Forms and Related Information
Referral Form for Art Therapy Assessment. 13
Confidentiality Issues in School Art Therapy. 14
Release Forms.. 15
Art Therapy Assessment Form 16
Art Therapy Goals and Short-Term Objectives. 17
Art Therapy Year-End Progress Report Form..19

The complete document in pdf format can be found here.

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