AATA Research Award

Dear art therapists,

You are welcome to forward this announcement regarding the AATA Research Award to other listserves or interested individuals.

Members of the American Art Therapy Association are invited to submit
applications for the 2003 American Art Therapy Association Research Award.

The award is for $2,000, to be presented at the conference in November.

Applications must be received at the AATA office by the close of business on July 1, 2003¸

Entries will be accepted for completed or ongoing art therapy research. Research completed for masters or doctoral degrees does not qualify; however, research based on data collected but not included in thesis or dissertation work does qualify. Submissions will be judged on design and methodology as well as pertinence to the field of art therapy.

A detailed list of criteria and guidelines is available through the Research Committee, and is also attached to this message. Contact Dr. Patricia St.John contact person for the committee, or

Anne Mills, Chair, at (202) 994-6285.

Thank you.

Anne Mills

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