An Interview with Marie Jose Dhaese, CET, RPT-S, RCC, ATR, BCATR

By Llona O’Gorman (British Columbia Art Therapy Association Newsletter)

Marie Jose Dhaese is an expressive therapist known locally and internationally for her inspiring work with children and adults. In her lectures and training workshops, at home and throughout North America, she facilitates an understanding of her philosophy of process and the approach to therapy she has developed. Last year, on Hornby Island, she opened the Center for Expressive Therapy, which is accredited as an education provider by the International Association for Play Therapy.

In this wonderful location where Dhaese has established her home and studio, participants find a haven and retreat for the soul.

“This is a place where people come to heal them-selves”

says Dhaese. Having minimized her private practice in Vancouver, she continues to see individual clients, especially children, in her Hornby studio, as well as offering her training workshops.

Dhaese offers personal development retreats for small groups and works with those who are ill or bereaved. Her personal therapeutic process was developed over a period of twenty-six years during her involvement with wounded and disconnected children and youth. In striving to attune to these young people and help them find a connection to themselves, Dhaese looked for a “language” with which they could express themselves. Art by itself did not always work, so she looked for that which would give them the “tool” to do things differently.

“Together we invented the therapy. Together we discovered what to bring in. Later I was able to model the processes into techniques. But what we create comes from their need and what I am able to offer.”

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