Canadian Creative Arts Therapies Symposium
Promotes Public Awareness

Montreal, May 6, 2003 –

In celebration of Creative Arts Therapies Week from June 1-7, 2003, five groups from the Creative Arts Therapies community have banned together to host a symposium to raise public awareness around the profession. The Canadian Creative Arts Therapies Symposium will be held at Concordia University on Saturday, June 7th and will include workshops, presentations and panel discussions about The Creative Arts Therapies.

Consisting of art therapy, dance/movement therapy, drama therapy, music therapy, sandplay therapy, poetry therapy, photo therapy and psychodrama, the Creative Arts Therapies use these modes of _expression and the creative process in rehabilitative, psychiatric, medical, community, and educational agencies. Creative Arts Therapists are human service and mental health professionals that address the challenges associated with physical and emotional suffering and optimizing health and wellness.

The Creative Arts Therapies are beneficial as either a stand-alone or complementary form of therapy for enhancing self-awareness, promoting the integration of emotional, physical, social, and cognitive functioning, and facilitating positive change in human experience and behaviour.

The Symposium has been coordinated by the Creative Arts Therapies Task Group, and is jointly hosted by the Concordia University Creative Arts Therapies Program, the National Association of Drama Therapy (NADT), the Quebec Art Therapy Association (AATQ), and Creative Alternatives.

“With this Symposium, we hope to promote public awareness around the Creative Arts Therapies amongst fellow health service professionals, educational and administrative bodies and the general public”, said Susan Ward, M.A. C.C.C., a member of the Creative Arts Therapies Task Group. “We want to help communicate the benefits of The Creative Arts Therapies and show how they can provide optional modes of _expression that work independently or in conjunction with other therapies.”

Through a panel discussion by accredited Creative Arts Therapies professionals, dedicated workshops, and a performance by the Montreal Playback Theatre Company, the Symposium will help further understanding of the profession and stimulate public awareness.
For more information or to register, please visit

Andrea Simmons
Volunteer (514) 825-8233

Creative Arts Therapies Task Group
Susan Ward, M.A. C.C.C.
(514) 302-7946

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  1. I have really enjoyed reading your article. I am a MA Design student in photography, but I am designing a photography and craft based new art therapy tool. Please let me know if you could contribute with my survey.
    Thx Edyta

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