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NEWSLETTER & GROUP: STOPGAP stages: Educational Plays Addressing Social themes

StopGap stages interactive educational plays theatre productions and drama therapy in order to guide youth teens and adults to reduce teen pregnancy help families with alcohol abuse and divorce abused children battered women homeless youth. Read their NEWSLETTER


NEWSLETTER: International Networking Group of Art Therapists (ING/AT)

The International Networking Group of Art Therapists, established in 1989, is a membership organization representing professional art therapists, students and others interested in art therapy in nearly 80 countries. The ING/AT mission is to increase international networking and information exchange with particular attention to reducing the isolation of art therapists and others interested in art therapy who are striving to advance the profession of art therapy through education, practice, research, conferences and other types of training.

Utilizing English as an international language, ING/AT serves as a global communication and information center through a twice-yearly newsletter and through letters from members and readers sent by regular mail and by electronic (email) contact (See details below). The newsletter serves as a primary source of information sharing. It features reports on the standing of art therapy and the professional development of this field in countries around the world. In addition, book reviews about or related to art therapy are offered along with an up-to-date international calendar of art therapy and related events and conferences. When ING/AT is represented at conferences and other gatherings, reports are provided in the newsletter.

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Note the following changes applicable in 2004

as per Judy Weiser

British Association of Art Therapists : Attention:Richard

Nancy Slater:

Nancy is back -- no longer at Ben Gurion

Jayashree Iyer:

Jayashree is now teaching at Antioch in Seattle (and I believe she's no longer doing the Newsletter -- I think Nancy is handling this herself)

Gaelynn's info is still correct

not sure what Jose is doing but I think he's moved away from London (or is about to..)

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