Daily Archives: April 7, 2003



You will find TWO very interesting tools on the sidebar.

There is a GuestMap, that is an interactive map where you add yourself on the geographic landscape and have the option to add your email, web sites, and write a little blurb on yourself. The creative arts therapies are active all over the world, here is a chance to build a map of who the professionals are and show where the centres of these creative disciplines are.

The other is a rich in feature comment forum that slides onto the right of your screen (keeping the page you are viewing intact) where you can start a topic, add comments to the ones that are there, provide news for everyone to read. If you subscribe, you will get a list of comments to the sections you are interested in. Try it out by going to the side bar and clicking on FEEDBACK–opinions & news. Add your general comments in the “general comment area”.