More changes

As you can see the template is different. I am hoping I can work with this one to offer better navigation. There are two features that can be used at the bottom of each message:

SHOUT OUT: is simply a commenting tool. You can add your words, hyperlink to a page, your website or other, add smileys, your email address and the likes. Check it out by clicking :: ShoutOut :: where I’m demonstrating what it can look like.

PERMALINK: is the url address that can be added to your favorites, correspondance, website or anywhere you’d like to link to a particular entry.
This was not possible with the other themplate.

The sidebar links are being built up again. It seems the ones that were there are gone …..forever. bouhou! And furthermore, the stability of the text entries was also modified adversely in some cases, where case size did not remain consistent. I’m also working on adding separate pages, so information can be better distributed and found. ……looking for 35 hour days. Anyone?

You have information you want to share with me, write me. My mail address is also in the top menu bar.

That’s about it for now.

Francine Lévesque

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