USA: School Art Therapy

A very detailed web site that will give you lots of information on school art therapy by THE pioneer in the field. While you are there take a look at what the profession is about. This section will not only give you a great overview, but also detail the specifics of how art therapy in schools is managed and what the professionals in this field do. Worth your time.

Janet Bush, Ed.S., ATR-BC, is a registered, practicing art psychotherapist, a founding member of the Florida Art Therapy Association, a university instructor, author, and a nationally known speaker and presenter on school art therapy. She is author of three books including the textbook, The Handbook of School Art Therapy (Introducing Art Therapy Into a Public School System, C.C. Thomas Publishers, 1997) and two course guidebooks. In addition, she has authored various book chapters and journal articles.
Ms. Bush made a major contribution to the field of art therapy with the establishment of a national model program for public schools. She subsequently received a Distinguished Clinical Services Award from the
American Art Therapy Association.

She also implemented the Regional Symposia Program for the American Art Therapy Association serving as Chief Instructor for the Art Therapy in Schools National Curriculum.Ms. Bush has served as Department Chairperson for the Miami-Dade County Public Schools where she founded and directed a program of over 20 master art therapists from 1978-99. Currently, she is providing full-time art psychotherapy services for the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Exceptional Student Education Outreach Program.

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