Bibliographic Databases for the Arts Therapies

References to articles, books or book chapters on specific arts therapies topics can be found in a variety of databases. The following are available here for staff and students at the University.

This database produced by the American Psychological Association has references to journal articles, books and book chapters in a wide range of psychology related subject areas as well as in the arts therapies. The database is available via the BIDS services, and you will need to type in your personal ATHENS Account username and password in order to use the service. Details about how to set up your own personal user account with ATHENS, are given on Self Help Guide U3 which is available for registered UH staff and students from the LRC Help Desk.

AMED: Allied and Complementary Medicine .
AMED is compiled and maintained by the Health Care Information Service of the British Library and includes articles from over 500 journals, supplemented by a monthly search for additional relevant material from the Medline database. Subjects covered include arts therapies, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, palliative care, hospice care, chiropractic, hypnosis, reflexology, shiatsu, Chinese medicine, holistic treatments and osteopathy. There are abstracts of the journal articles and it uses a thesaurus based on the Medline MESH thesaurus. The coverage is from 1985. The British Library List of Journals Indexed for AMED

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