A workshop with Sonora Beam
called: The Soul Speaks in Image:Crafting the Visual Journal

unfolding: pages from HOME WORK journal

The Visual Journal is a compelling medium that weaves together written word, symbolic imagery and personal vision. The book form is intimate, private and offers a container for all manner of feeling, thoughts and observations — providing a tactile bridge to carry us between our inner and outer experience.
Each session includes demonstration of techniques, along with optional writing and image-making prompts to stimulate your imagination. The group size is kept small to offer individual attention and to tailor the process to the needs of the group. A wide variety of materials and techniques will be offered for you to play and experiment with as you bring to life your moment-to-moment inspiration.

Tips and techniques offered include:
customizing blank books
collecting compelling source material
keeping travel, nature

“The creative force flows over the terrain of our psyches looking for the natural hollows, the arroyos, the channels that exist in us.
We become its tributaries, its basins; we are its pools, ponds, streams, and sanctuaries.
The wild creative force flows into whatever beds we have, those we are born with as well as those we dig with our own hands. We don’t have to fill them, we only have to build them.”
~Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D. See more of Sonora Beam’s website here…

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  1. Thanks for your post, i am doing a study on this and you have gibven me some great info




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