British Arts in Health for Art Therapists

British Association for Art Therapists welcomes the establishment of the NNAH, is sympathetic to its aims, and looks forward to increasing involvement, contributions and collaborations from art therapists to this field. There are innate connections between art and healing, but it is important to understand that offering treatment through visual arts is a very specialised, long and legally established discipline. This is a potential resource to arts in Health projects. Relevant psychological expertise can be helpfully accessed by less specifically targeted arts projects to ensure that they are safe, effective, and psychologically appropriate for their contexts. Art therapists are in a good position to offer this level of support to arts in health projects. Local contacts can be established through BAAT. There are already some good local collaborations happening!

The Arts in Health Movement will, we hope, result in more artists and arts based groups engaging with an ever-wider range of health care settings and needs. The arts are life enhancing and nowhere do we need them more than when in the presence of pain, sickness, loss and confusion. The benefits of the arts to participants and consumers are increasingly appreciated. The arts are changing hospital environments from places of sickness to places of healing, promoting health through participatory arts, and are benefiting health directly as specific modes of treatment. Across this range there seems to be a general agreement of principle on the significance of the arts to the well being of the human animal. Continued…

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