National Network of Arts in Health

Featured Articles- Conferences and Seminars

Arts and Health Forum

The Royal Free and University College Medical School Centre for Medical Humanities presents this annual lecture series. The 2002 – 2003 five part lecture series asks what is the human impact of the genetics revolution? read more

Common Threads
The Common Threads symposium will present the latest information and experience from the UK, Europe and US in the use of cross sector partnerships as an effective means to strengthen local communities and promote civic engagement. read more

ArtSci2002 New Dimensions in Collaboration, 2 – 8 December 2002
ArtSci2002 will be an open forum for people from many disciplines: artists, scientists, technologists, humanists, educators, philosophers, theorists and anyone interested in the creative possibilities when
barriers are removed… read more

Setting the Streets Alive
A professional development day for new promoters of street arts who have little or no experience of managing street arts events as part of their annual arts programme. A specially tailored programme to inform good practice and to ensure promoters, audience, artists, read more

Dance Voice
Courses offered by Dance Movement Therapy Centre. Courses delivered by registered Dance Movement therapists. All courses give excellent underpinning knowledge to those consideraing a post-graduate qualification in Dance Movement Therapy. read more

Foundation with Creative Computing Course 2002/3
Art and Design for students who what to explore media, develop art skills and apply to college in order to embark upon a career in Art and Design. read more

New Training Course – Arts in Mental Health

Drumming, singing, visual art and drama groups, led by professsional artists, have attracted around 160 people who suffer mental health difficulties in Kirklees, West Yorkshire. The new KArM project promotes creative learning approaches in Mental Health care. read more

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