The Rita Simon Collection of Art Therapy

Introduction :
What is in the Rita Simon Collection?
About 500 paintings (mostly in gouache or watercolour on paper) and clay pieces by adults and children suffering mental and physical illness. The collection derives from R M Simon’s 55 years of work as an art therapist in private practice, hospitals and day centres of the National Health Service and Social Services. The works in the collection were made between 1942 and 1984. The collection includes sequences of paintings showing spontaneous changes in style during art therapy.

How is the collection arranged?
In two sections:

Classified into eight groups, each group being marked by one of the eight distinct art styles identified by R M Simon.
Sequences of works by the same person. The artists include normal, untrained adults and children of various ages and backgrounds, such as preschool and mainstream primary school children, professionals and others without formal art training. The variations in style show the many ways in which habitual styles can be modified.

Who would be most interested in the Rita Simon Collection?
Practitioners, students, researchers and anyone with an interest in the fields of history, art, aesthetics, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, art therapy, psychology, neurology, psychotherapy, medicine, nursing or psychopathology.

What were the areas of psychological need served by the works of art therapy?


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