Professional development Art therapy in British Columbia, Canada

BC Art Therapy Association
Professional Development Workshops
Winter/Spring 2003 Series

The British Columbia Art Therapy Association offers you knowledge and interest on current art therapy techniques, expertise, theories, and experience. The 2002 series of Professional Development Workshops covers various topics and will focus on depth of knowledge to promote new awareness. The Workshops allow participants to interact with experts, art therapists, therapeutic professionals, students, and the interested public. The BCATA. encourages you to get active and explore avenues of knowledge in our beautiful field of Art Therapy. The workshops provide a much-needed sense of community where individuals can network and replenish their creative minds to develop professionally and personally

Saturday, January 18 2003
Art Therapy & Eating Disorders: Intervention with Children, Adolescents & Families

Art offers a way to facilitate expression when youth are reluctant to engage in more traditional verbal therapies. Case examples accompanied by slides of art work will demonstrate approaches with individuals, families and groups. The integration of narrative therapy and art therapy will be highlighted and challenges of group therapy will be discussed.

Pat Roles, MWS, RSW, BCATR: Graduate from BC School of Art Therapy, ’89. Twenty years at BC Children’s Hospital in areas including children & adolescents with acute, chronic & life threatening illness
& eating disorders. Clinical Co-ordinator in Social Work Dept. for past 11 years.

Saturday, February 8
Art as Bodhisattva Action

Margaret will discuss art as an expression of truth, which supports the development of loving kindness towards oneself and others. The program will include perception exercises and discussions of mindfulness as an expression of sanity.

Margaret Jones Callahan, M.A., BCATR, RCC: Margaret is in private practice in Vancouver. She leads meditation seminars, and clinical training seminars in Canada and the United States. Her work has focused on trauma, creativity, sexuality, and Buddhist psychology. She has been practicing both medication and psychology for 30 years.

Saturday, March 15
Performance Creation: Forum Theatre Techniques Used for Self-Care

This experiential workshop facilitates & promotes self-care practice for health-care practitioners. Information on vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue will be provided along with some tools for their prevention. Forum theatre and performance creation techniques will be shared. You will have an opportunity to practice your news skills in a performance creation. Discussion will encourage an exploration of how to use performance creation in self-care and our therapeutic practices. Each performance creation is unique as each group brings its own energy and knowledge of effective techniques to share. This is a play for people who don’t have time to play.

Barbara Campbel-Brown, BA, MA, PhD (thesis pending) & Rebecca Christofferson, BFA, DVATI have co-facilitated art and performance based workshops on self-care at T.C.S. Family Services in Calgary. This work has been presented at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario and the University of Calgary.

Saturday, April 12
Membership Panel and Open Forum: BCATA Bylaws and Code of Ethics – A Values Based Perspective

Advances in technology and increasing demands of clients require Art Therapists to be responsive to these changes. As such, our needs for support, guidance, training and ethical awareness also increase.

This forum will be of interest to Art Therapists who are considering new applications for Art Therapy. This might include (but is not limited to) distance and/or computer assisted art therapy and/or supervision. The feedback from your participation in this forum will help to shape our ever-evolving Bylaws and Code of Ethics. Through this community process we will endeavour to meet changing needs of our members and of the profession from a values based perspective.

Panel speakers will include our members, the BCATA executive and professionals from our community.

Saturday, May 10
The Use of Dreams in Art Therapy

Clients often bring their dreams to Art Therapy, puzzled, moved or disturbed by the remembered images. How can we respond creatively and honestly to this rich opportunity? This workshop will consider an approach to listening to dreams, as well as some of the implications of using art media as a response. We will explore how artmaking initiates a new relationship between the dreamer and the dream — a fresh participation that promotes a connection that is poetic, yet visible and concrete.

Marty Levenson, BA, DVATI, BCATR is a private practitioner in Vancouver. He works individually with children and adults on issues including personal development, sexual and emotional abuse, abandonment, grief, anxiety, addiction, and depression. His thesis was titled “Giving Form to the Invisible: A Phenomenological Examination of the Use of Dreams in Art Therapy” (1996).

Saturday, June 14
Annual General Meeting: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, Lunch 12:00 – 1:00 pm

Keynote: Ross Laird, PhD
Unfinished Dreams: The Presence of the Past in Creative Expression

Creativity is the hinge upon which individual experience is opened to the universal. In this sense, creative work is a gate through which ghosts and dreams travel in two directions: out from the self, to awaken and heal the collective; and into the self, by which the unfinished tasks of cultures and families are hidden like stowaways inside the unsuspecting heart. Much creative work is familial and cultural in nature, though our emphasis on individual empowerment makes this difficult to see. We want to pretend we’re in charge of what passes through the gate of our creativity, and we frequently fail to notice the ways in which we are carried by the persistent presence of the past. We are the unfinished works of our ancestors, and they typically want their say in how things turn out.

This experiential workshop explores creative expression as an artifact of ancestral memory. Using various creative approaches, including those explored in Laird’s books: Grain of Truth: The Ancient Lessons of Craft, and the upcoming, A Stone’s Throw: The Enduring Nature of Myth, the workshop will follow the simple alchemy of the hand and the heart as they reach out, together, to grasp a world wrapped in countless layers of time. PDF version of Calendar


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